The purpose of Media Server is storage and watching of your favorite films, series and music concerts in comfortable and easy prospect. And at the same time video library will be evaluable in all watching points of your home. And now It is not necessary to use inconvenient disks, flash devices and portable hard disk drives.

Media Server stores your films in the internal disk space, automatically distributing them by genre, years and ABC. You will easily find any film, which you want to watch directly on your TV-set.

Currently Media Server works with iNeXT media players, so in every point of watching it is necessary to use any player of this firm. Connection between Medai Server and player is executed by means of local network (Ethernet).

Media Server is completed by built-in optical dive (DVD/Bu-ray), and this allows you carry your film collection to the internal memory with little effort. Media server will add any copied on it material to the general library, independently of its origin.