Nowadays karaoke media centers Evolution PRO, Evolution LITE, especially Evolution Home HD, are very popular. .

Karaoke media center Evolution HomeHD is the best decision to combine professional karaoke-system and qualitative media center in one device for home use.

Karaoke media center Evolution Home HD is specially designed for judges of professional karaoke, ones who wish to have the professional instrument for home concert implementation in their store. Distinctive peculiarity of karaoke media center Evolution Home HD is realization of full set of possibilities in one device:

- HD media player for playing and watching of media content.

- Universal control panel for all media devices.

- Data storage on HDD carrier with full volume.

- Professional karaoke-system.

- Audio mixing for connection of two microphones.

- Processor of voice handling (Reverb/Delay effects).

- Compressor for singing.

And it is not a full list of devices, which it is necessary to have for qualitative home installation with karaoke-component. 


In karaoke media center Evolution Home HD it will be proposed to you:

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 - Possibility of creation and downloading of own film collection, including FULL HD films;



w249 85_1346327670_music1

- Possibility of creation and downloading of music catalogues, downloading of posters and information about any performers. Quality of audio sounding in karaoke media center is provided by means of digital analogue transducer AK4358 (, Asahi KASEI company, Japan);



w249 85_1346327714_pogoda

 - Connecting to Internet karaoke media center Evolution Home HD the next functions are proposed: watching of current news and weather forecast, usage of YouTube and other popular audio and video contents, watching of cartoons and films, online mode of videoclip;




w250 85_1346327858_foto

- watching of your photo in all graphical sizes by means of Evolution Home HD: slides under the audio, connection of panoramic photo watching, watching of photo without delays and pauses;




w249 85_1346327755_karaoke4

 - And there is a possibility to create the lists such as the favorite song, and the good search by performer, song name, code, genre, text, is foreseen in Evolution PRO. Even if you have a grammatical mistake , “Intelligence” of Evolution Home HD will propose you the song, that you need.




Our professional team will choose karaoke equipment for you, and it will correspond to your desires as much as possible. We can integrate karaoke equipment in your system of home cinema or stereo sound system of Hi-Fi and Hi-End class.

Popular tradition of bread and circuses cannot be removed, especially the singing is healthily.