Home cinema is not a place for a film watching only, it is not an ordinary set of components and loudspeakers; home cinema is a special space, where you turn in another time and get into a world of illusive sounds and pictures.

Home cinema is a multifunctional complex of hi tech components: film readers or displays, acoustic system, surrounding with the sound, subwoofer for participation effect. To enjoy every sound fully, apartment must have proper acoustical design. Aim of it is a good acoustic performance in existing space and reasonable combination of space and technical abilities of recent sound, making engagement effect. Having located the equipment of sound absorption and sound dispersion in definite places, you could add more balanced and more natural quality of sound. 


It is simple to operate the home cinema by means of remote control. We think about every feature of cinema and take into account the interior design and customers’ requirements.

Selection of home cinema is individual process, and it is bounded only by your preferences and abilities.

Every cinema is individual project, where it is possible to live out any dreams and any life style. Installation of home cinema into the yacht will make your rest more comfortable, create a pleasant atmosphere in front of TV-set, and intensify feelings of film watching, whether it is a romantic drama or exciting thriller.